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St Michael

School Info
Date Time Home Visitor Location Score B Game
8/25/2019  11:30 AM  United Football  St Michael  Benet Academy  W 13-8   5th Qtr 
9/8/2019  10:00 AM  St Michael  Visitation  Benet Academy  L 6-32    
9/15/2019  11:30 AM  Immaculate Conception  St Michael  Plunkett Park  L 0-19    
9/22/2019  1:00 PM  St Michael  St Joseph  Benet Academy  L 0-28   5th Qtr 
9/29/2019  1:00 PM  St Michael  St Francis Xavier  Benet Academy  W 18-0    
10/6/2019  1:00 PM  St John of the Cross  St Michael  Montini  W 18-0   B Game